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Write Children’s Stories

Inspire the next generation as you uncover the secrets to writing and publishing successful children’s stories.

Write Fiction Books

Discover the time-tested secrets best-selling authors use to craft powerful, captivating published fiction.

Write Romance Fiction

Supercharge your emotions with the know-how and spice you need to take your fiction from flat to fabulous in any genre.

Write Young Adult Fiction

Begin your journey inside the electrifying world of teenage fiction as you create gritty stories that will empower young adult readers.

Write Short Stories

Unlock a magical world full of fairy tales, fables, myths and so much more.

YA Workshop

Featuring lively discussions between Steve and Dani Alcorn, this engaging YA Workshop gives you plenty of new tools and shows you how to use the techniques of top-selling authors to create your own finished novel.

Kindle Gold

The core rules to achieve best-seller status will be delivered mainly by the use of step-by-step videos, based on Richard Bullivant’s own published material on Kindle.

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Is there a time-limit for completing the course?

No, you can study the course at your own pace, during times convenient to you. This is one of the major advantages of e-learning. It’s completely flexible and available 24 hours a day.

What are the points for?

You can earn points at the moment for completing course modules, passing tests, becoming a Write Storybooks Plus Member and uploading stories to the gallery and commenting on other students work for example.

The points accumulate over the year and in December we award the student with the highest points total an award for demonstrating community spirit within the Write Academy website.

When will my certificate be issued?

Your pass certificate will be awarded to you on completion of all module tests for each course. A digital PDF version of your final pass certificate will become available for you to download immediately on passing the course.