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Are these frustrations holding you back?

Are these frustrations holding you back?

You don’t have enough time or energy left to write...

You struggle to come up with original story ideas...

You battle with procrastination, overwhelm and focus. You just can’t seem to get started...

You have some ideas but can’t find the words to fill in the details...

You can’t figure out which age group to write for...

You’ve written a story but don’t know if it’s any good...

You lack confidence and belief in your writing ability...

You don’t know how to get your story published or who to contact...

If “yes”, then you’re not alone!

Even the most prolific children’s writers all confess to struggling with one or more of these common frustrations. The difference is in how the pro’s handle these problems…

Introducing... WriteStorybooksPLUS!

It’s an insider’s community of aspiring children’s writers with a single mission:

To eradicate these dream-killing frustrations from your life for good and put you on the fast-track to children’s writing success!

WriteStorybooksPLUS Helps You To:

Finally get started quickly and on the right path to success as a respected children’s writer

Boost your confidence and transform your skills through a unique feedback and ratings system


Sharpen your skills so that you can quickly convert ideas into fully fleshed out children’s stories

Crush procrastination and conquer the lack of time, energy and focus that has held you back so far

Tap into the collective knowledge and experience of a world-wide community who will support and inspire you


Save weeks of frustration through a treasure trove of story ideas, templates, shortcuts and pivotal industry contacts

WriteStorybooksPLUS is packed with practical tools, training, insider’s resources and expert shortcuts that will get you started and keep you inspired. PLUS, a tight support network you can tap into at anytime to help you reach your full potential in this exciting industry.

What You Get As A Member…

As a WriteStorybooksPLUS Member you’ll get full access to a series of expertly crafted, hugely valuable membership benefits, starting with:

Perk #1

Write Short Stories For Children Course

The greatest storytellers alive endorse short stories as the best and most useful place to start and learn your craft because if you can master writing short stories, you can pretty much turn your hand to any style of fiction writing.

As a WriteStorybooksPLUS Member, you’ll get access to the world’s first ‘how to write short stories’ course designed exclusively for children’s writers.

This revolutionary new course has been developed from the ground up by a team of bona fide short story experts. Through this course you’ll quickly develop the skills to write original, well-crafted children’s stories in hours or days… instead of months or years! The Write Short Stories For Children Online Course includes:

  1. 116-module ‘Write Short Stories for Children’ training course.
  2. 2Writing assignments (1 per module) to develop your short story writing skills faster.
  3. 3Interactive quizzes throughout to make your learning fun, fast and effective.
  4. 4Downloadable writing tools with each module. You’ll get writing prompts, cheat sheets, short story analysers, character development guides and much more.

Click the Course Modules tab above to see what’s in the course.

Here are the modules covered in this comprehensive ‘Write Short Stories for Children’ course:

  1. 1Introduction to Short Stories
  2. 2Age Groups and Audiences
  3. 3Finding Your Ideas
  4. 4Short Story Genres
  5. 5Plan, Plot and Structure
  6. 6Creating Characters
  7. 7Developing Characters
  8. 8Building Your World


  1. 9Titles, Beginnings and Endings
  2. 10Dialogue
  3. 11Point of View
  4. 12Writing Fairy Tales
  5. 13Writing Fables
  6. 14Writing Myths and Legends
  7. 15Writing and Editing
  8. 16Getting Published

Each packed module includes writing assignments, fun quizzes, downloadable tools, cheat sheets, writing prompts and more!

Write Short Stories for Children is the ‘jewel in the crown’ of your WriteStorybooksPLUS membership. However, there are some key differences between this course and the way our other courses are delivered. Please read the following information:

  1. It is a comprehensive monthly training course which teaches the art and craft of writing short stories for children.
  2. Module 1 is available immediately. The remaining modules will be unlocked on a monthly basis, until you have received all modules of the course.
  3. Writing assignments and supporting downloads are delivered monthly, alongside corresponding modules.
  1. Course access is for the duration of your membership.
  2. There is no Certificate of Achievement at the end of this course.
  3. There are no graded tests to pass. However, optional quizzes are provided within the course to make your learning fun, fast and more effective.

Creating short stories will put the enjoyment back into your writing, slash procrastination, rocket your productivity and boost your confidence and skills to a dazzling new level! Becoming a short story wizard is just one of several invaluable WriteStorybooksPLUS member benefits…

Perk #2

Short Story Gallery

We’ve built a Story Gallery just for you!

Add any piece of writing to the Gallery – a short story, a contest entry, a section of text you’re battling with, even some book title ideas you’re considering… and you will get honest, constructive and encouraging feedback (with star ratings) from fellow children’s writers worldwide!

And if you’re not yet ready to showcase your work, then you’ll get the pleasure of reading, rating and commenting on stories your fellow members have written. It’s truly addictive.

Having a community feedback system like this at your fingertips boosts your confidence and enables your writing to flourish quickly.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself tuning into the gallery daily to see what new stories have been added and who’s rated who’s work!

Perk #3

Private Facebook Group

Writing can be a lonely existence, but starting today you won’t have to do this alone anymore! As a WriteStorybooksPLUS member, you’ll get access to our private members-only Facebook Group where you’ll be able to ask questions, get support and connect with like-minded children’s writers from all over the world.

  1. 1Get your most pressing questions answered through the collective knowledge and experience of our thriving Facebook community.
  2. 2A sounding board for your ideas and your frustrations!
  3. 3A place to share your highs, your lows, your wins and your failures.
  4. 4Get direct help, feedback, motivation and accountability.
  5. 5Make friends and follow the inspirational journey your fellow members are taking.

We’re building the world’s largest community of aspiring children’s writers and you’re invited to join us. No stone is left unturned, no chapter unread and no question unanswered inside our thriving WriteStorybooksPLUS community!

Perk #4

A-Z Directory of Publishers and Agents

Even with the World Wide Web at our fingertips, finding publishers for your manuscript can be an intimidating and time-exhaustive process. Until now, that is!

You’ll get instant, unlimited access to the web’s fastest directory of children’s book publishers and agents.

Our A-Z Directory is:

  1. 1Loaded with the contact details of children’s book publishers and agents.
  2. 2Extensive. Covers all major geographical locations and genres of children’s fiction.
  3. 3Superfast and effortless. You’ll find publishers and agents for your manuscript within 2 clicks through our Search & Filter directory.
  4. 4Painstakingly researched and kept up-to-date by an expert team.

Don’t waste your hard-earned money on ‘yearbooks’ that are already out-of-date by the time they’re printed. And don’t waste your life tediously trawling the internet trying to gather this information yourself – the hard work has already been done for you!

Perk #5

Plot Template Library

plotsThe plot is the most important element of the story, yet many writers struggle to come up with fresh, plausible plot ideas. As a member you’ll gain unlimited access to our ever growing library of Customizable Plot Templates which are designed to get you started quickly. The Customizable Plot Template Library includes:

  1. 1Dozens of original children’s story plots which you can use as the framework for your own stories.
  2. 2Dozens of fun and easy-to-follow mini challenges to build your skills.
  3. 3Full legal rights to copy and use our plots for any purpose you choose (including selling them!).
  4. 4New plots and challenges added regularly!
Click the tabs above for more details about your plot templates.

plotsDon’t waste another minute staring in frustration at your screen while waiting for that spark of inspiration to hit you. From today you’ll gain unlimited access to a whole library of original and professionally written children’s plots that you can use to write books in less time. You’ll get:

  1. A complete breakdown of each story.
  2. Individual, detailed character descriptions.
  3. Integrated relationships between all characters in each story.
  4. The specific age range most suitable for each story.
  5. Detailed settings and summaries.
  6. Full legal rights to use, copy and resell the plots.

Each plot is insightful, fun, educational and follows a timeless structure that most successful children’s stories are built upon and we’ll be adding new ones regularly!

Click the next tab along for more details about your mini writing challenges.

plotsHave you ever struggled to fill-in-the-gaps to your story ideas or find the right words when you need them? With each plot you’ll get up to 5 easy-to-follow mini writing challenges that enable you to build and customize your plots while amplifying your skills and confidence in the following key areas:

  1. Storytelling
  2. Contrast & Conflict
  3. Emotion & Action
  4. Characterization
  5. Viewpoint
  6. Dialogue
  7. Setting
  8. Imagination

Watch your confidence and skills soar as you complete each challenge!

Questions? Read the Plot FAQ’s now.

Can I really sell the plots as my own stories? Yes. Membership gives you the full international rights to resell our plots under your own name (or a pen name). You could use them as-is, but the real learning experience comes from putting your own spin on our plots. For example, you could change: the title, the character names, the location or any number of elements within the story to make it your own. We’ll show you how to do this with a few neat tricks thrown in for good measure! For the real go-getters, you could use our plots to dominate a children’s niche within the lucrative Amazon Kindle store and generate a new passive income stream! The mini challenges we provide with each plot gives you a structure to follow in order to build out your own original stories.

I don’t want to use your plots. I have enough of my own ideas, thanks! That’s great news! You are not under any obligation to use our plot templates. The plots are just one of several hugely valuable membership benefits you will get access to. However, keep in mind that our plots will almost certainly trigger new ideas and ways that you could improve your existing stories and ideas. You’ll also find that our plot templates give you a steady supply of inspiration that even the most prolific children’s writers need from time to time!

Will this still work if everyone gets the same plots? Absolutely! For starters, not everyone is going to actually use the plots and even then, only a small fraction will actually use the same plots that you choose. Even so, you could take one plot template and create hundreds of variations of that story using the tips we’ll give you. Taking it a step further, you could create dozens of sequels from a single plot. You can even mix and match plots: take the characters from one plot, the setting from another and combine it with elements from others to produce totally different stories. We’ll show you precisely how to do all of this and more. Be assured that the world won’t be awash with the same stories and we’ll be adding new plots regularly!

Am I under any obligation to complete the mini writing challenges? No. There is zero obligation to do anything you don’t want to do. WriteStorybooksPLUS is here for your convenience as and when you need it. The goal with these plots and challenges is to remove the burden of writing from your shoulders and give you a fast framework that gets you started and builds your confidence in the quickest and easiest way possible.

I don’t have time for all this! Our plots and challenges are designed to SAVE you a ton of time by eliminating some of the burden of writing from your shoulders while freeing up your time, energy and imagination to finally start pursuing your writing dreams. Remember, this is NOT about writing the next Harry Potter! This is about building your confidence, skills and self-belief through a series of EASY WINS that you can accomplish quickly, in and around your busy life. If you don’t feel that you have the time and energy for this, then the harsh reality is you probably genuinely need this if you are to fulfill your ambitions in life.

Over the coming months the Plot library will grow into a treasure trove of delightful story templates that you can tap into, 24/7, saving you hours of time and bags of energy. With a sprinkle of effort you can turn our plots into completely unique children’s stories that you can publish, sell and legitimately call your own!

Perk #6

Bestseller Research Reports

Each month our team of industry experts compile and deliver exclusive sales data that has been tediously collated from the world’s largest marketplace, Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. 1Exclusive data neatly broken down into 24 distinct children’s book categories; from Action & Adventure books to Young Adult Fiction.
  2. 2Data includes: book title, author name, date of publication, cover price, volume sold, number of reviews, sales rank, number of pages, and a direct link to the books sales page.
  3. 3Presented in a clean and easy-to-digest online format with 1-click export options (export to CSV/Excel file or printable PDF version).

[box]Be smart by taking the guesswork out of writing. Use this insider’s intel to: quickly discover the most popular and profitable children’s book categories and age groups to write for, spot hot industry trends so that you can stay relevant, and take a sneak-peek into the closely-guarded sales data of top selling children’s authors![/box]

Don’t waste another second trying to figure out what category to write in, which age group to write for, or what’s selling right now – the hard-work has been done for you with our monthly Children’s Bestseller Research Reports! It’s professional writer’s research done-for-you.

Perk #7

Writer’s Toolbox

As a WriteStorybooksPLUS Member you’ll get access to an ever-growing library of checklists, worksheets, cheatsheets and templates in the following key areas:

  1. Planning & Research
  2. Drafting
  3. Editing
  4. Submission & Publishing


We’ve even included some fun and intuitive games to cure your writer’s block, quickly fix your manuscript and much more!

Each download in the Writer’s Toolbox has been expertly designed to make your writing journey as easy and painless as possible.

Perk #8

Member Deals

Successful writers use tools to help them write, stimulate their imagination and shut out time and energy sapping distractions. We’ve negotiated exclusive members-only discounts of 20% – 100% on the very best writing and productivity tools on the market. Here’s just a sample of some of the deals we’ve negotiated for you…


Scapple is an easy-to-use tool for getting ideas down as quickly as possible and making connections between them. If you’ve ever scribbled down ideas all over a piece of paper and drawn lines between related thoughts, then you already know what Scapple does.


20% Off!


Scrivener is a powerful content-generation tool for writers that allows you to concentrate on composing and structuring long and difficult documents. While it gives you complete control of the formatting, its focus is on helping you get to the end of that awkward first draft.


20% Off!


Freedom is the world’s leading digital distraction solution. Freedom blocks distracting websites and apps that steal your time and focus and syncs across all your Mac, Windows and iOS devices. Use Freedom to meet your writing goals! “The extra time I’ve “found” because of Freedom has allowed me to increase the amount of books I publish annually. I honestly cannot fathom being able to write as much as I do without the help of Freedom.” —Farrah Rochon, best-selling author of The Holmes Brothers and Moments in Mapleville [box]


40% Off!



ZenWriter is a minimalistic text editor that cuts out all the distraction and lets you focus on letting your thoughts and words flow. ZenWriter removes any distracting element and brings all the controls together in a simple menu, with soothing wallpapers and relaxing music. [box]


40% Off!


And many more!

These hand selected deals make you a better, more productive writer and ensure that your WriteStorybooksPLUS Membership pays for itself in savings on day one. You also get special members-only discounts on our portfolio of other ‘Write’ courses!

Even more membership benefits...

And all this is just the beginning. As a WriteStorybooksPLUS Member you’ll also get access to:


Social Networking

Chat to fellow members, make friends and find accountability buddies.

Member Badges

Unlock achievement badges based on your activity.


Earn redeemable points for actions and activities you undertake within the members area.

Annual Awards

Win real prizes and trophies for your achievements!


Writing Contests

Free entry into our annual writing contests.

Members Bookstore

Create an author’s profile page and we’ll actively promote it to our avid customers!

…All of this and much more ONLY inside WriteStorybooksPLUS!

But wait... there's even more!

FREE Bonus 1:

Your book printed, bound and shipped to your door 100% FREE!

We’ve negotiated an exclusive deal with a major international book printer for WriteStorybooksPLUS Members:

Upload your manuscript at any time during your membership and a professionally printed and bound copy of your book will be delivered to your door 100% free (yes, we’ll even pay your shipping too!).

Don’t delay because this is a very limited time offer that instantly covers the cost of your first months’ membership – on top of everything else you’re getting.

This is your chance to hold a copy of your very own book in your hands. It makes joining WriteStorybooksPLUS a genuine ‘no brainer’.

FREE Bonus 2:

How to Create and Publish Your book on Amazon Kindle online course

This step-by-step video training course, created by bestselling Kindle author Richard Bullivant, teaches you how to create and sell books on Amazon from the comfort of home.

Best of all, no special writing or illustration skills are required because Richard walks you through several fast and fun content creation techniques that kids love, including his how create ‘Spot the Difference’ books, ‘What Happens Next’ Books, ‘Where’s Wally?’ books, comic books and more.

By the end of this course, you will know specific techniques for crafting your own compelling story designed for Kindle audiences, you will understand where and how to outsource the writing, illustration, or any other task you don’t want to do – for a very low cost. And you will know how to quickly format and upload your books to the Kindle publishing platform.

This course sells for $97.00 but it’s yours FREE if you sign up to WriteStorybooksPLUS today!

Be a Smarter Writer. Join WriteStorybooksPLUS Today!

You’ll save up to 60% and unlock all of these incredible membership perks:


Write Short Stories For Children Course

Develop professional short story writing skills quickly.


Short Story Gallery

Upload your stories. Get feedback and ratings.


Private Facebook Group

Engage with our elite, closed community of children’s writers.


A-Z Directory of Publishers and Agents

24/7 access to a directory of children’s publishers and agents.


Customizable Plot Template Library

Loaded with original plots and writing challenges you can use.


Bestseller Research Reports

Monthly insider reports on the top selling children’s books.


Writer's Toolbox

Loaded with checklists, worksheets, cheat sheets and templates


Members Deals

Exclusive discounts on the top writing and productivity tools.


2 Valuable Bonuses

1) Your book printed for free. 2) Kindle training course.


Much, much more!

Writing contests, awards, networking, bookstore and so much more.

Pick your preferred secure payment option to unlock these membership perks:


Lock-in your 60% Member monthly discount:

RRP a month

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30-day money-back guarantee



No Commitment. Cancel anytime with 1-click
30-day money-back guarantee

You are fully protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between WriteStorybooksPLUS and the 'Write Storybooks For Children' course?

WriteStorybooksPLUS is perfect to accompany the course because it plugs the gap between simply learning and actually getting out there and doing it! We’ve created a streamlined pathway via a series of carefully interlinked member benefits that are designed to support and nurture you at every step of your writing journey – from picking up a pen for the very first time, to getting your manuscript published and beyond. Effectively, WriteStorybooksPLUS removes the obstacles that have held you back so far and provides you with an active and eager support community to keep you inspired and moving forward.

Does it matter what stage of writing I am at?

No. WriteStorybooksPLUS has been designed to cater and support everyone at any stage of the writing journey – from absolute beginners with zero knowledge, experience or ideas, right through to published authors. Read the membership benefits section above to find out more.

I haven’t completed the Write Storybooks for Children course, can I still become a member?

Yes. If you’ve struggled to get through the course (or even if you haven’t started it yet) then WriteStorybooksPLUS will really help you because it gives you the support, guidance and inspiration you need, along with a whole raft of supporting tools and cutting-edge information to save you valuable time and energy. Ultimately, it breaks things down into much smaller and more manageable steps, while giving you a ‘live’ platform to ask questions and clarify key learning points from the course.

What genres of children’s writing are covered in WriteStorybooksPLUS?

All genres of children’s fiction from picture books, short stories, non-fiction, middle grade through to Young Adult fiction and everything in-between. If you aspire to write for children in any capacity, then we have you covered. You’ll receive access to our original children’s plot templates, which are targeted to different age groups. You’ll also have access to the A-Z Directory of Children’s Book Publishers which covers even the most obscure genres of children’s fiction! You can also get your most pressing questions answered at anytime in our thriving community forum.

I’ve completed the Write Storybooks for Children course, how will WriteStorybooksPLUS benefit me?

If you’ve completed the course then becoming a WriteStorybooksPLUS member will be like dropping a match onto lighter-fluid soaked coals! Not only will membership really cement the information you learned during the course, but it will enable you to put it all into massive action – quickly and efficiently, while keeping you inspired, motivated and entertained along the way.

Can I join WriteStorybooksPLUS at anytime?

No. We only open the doors to new members once or twice a year so that we can give full attention to our loyal and active members who are keen to make fast progress on their writing ambitions. If you’re not ready to join today, just add your email to our waiting list and we’ll contact you in around 6 – 8 months time when we reopen. Please note that membership fees will be increased and the member book printing bonus may not be available next time.

What are the different membership payment options?

We offer 2 easy membership payment options: Option 1 is Pay Monthly. Just like a gym or Netflix subscription your card is billed automatically at the same time each month, which gives you unrestricted access to the membership area, past content and the content that is delivered during that month. You can cancel with 1-click at anytime and your card will not be charged again. Option 2 is Pay Annually. This is the best value option because you are getting 12-months of membership for the price of 9. Your card is rebilled at the same time each year. As with the monthly option, you can cancel with 1-click at anytime during your membership. Once you join you are ‘grandfathered in’ at the same price each month/year even when membership fees increase for new members.

If I join monthly can I upgrade to annual membership later?

Yes, you can upgrade to annual membership at any time with just a couple of clicks from your account page. Joining annually saves you money by giving you three months completely free!

Can I cancel if I don’t like it or don’t use it?

Yes. We understand that WriteStorybooksPLUS might not be for everybody. That’s why, like Netflix, you can stop it whenever you choose by clicking the ‘cancel subscription’ button which is located within your new membership area. So, you won’t need to contact support, explain yourself to anyone, or jump through any hoops. We also offer a 30 day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not absolutely thrilled with WriteStorybooksPLUS for any reason within the first month, then we’ll also refund your membership fee in full. On top of this, if you have claimed your free printed book (see bonus, above) then you can keep that too as a thank you for giving us a try. We’ve made joining WriteStorybooksPLUS as risk-free as we possibly can. In fact, we are taking all the risk.

How and where do I access my WriteStorybooksPLUS Membership?

The moment you join WriteStorybooksPLUS you’ll automatically unlock a whole new glittering membership area from within your existing course account that regular students can’t see. Logging in to will be like opening Aladdin’s Cave for the very first time!

If you have any other questions then please contact us at and our membership team will get back to you quickly. We look forward to welcoming you as a new member.